Director / Center Organization



Director Max Costa


Dr. Max Costa was appointed Professor and Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Medicine in 1986.  At that time, Dr. Arthur Upton was the Director of the Center and the Chairman of the Department of Environmental Medicine. Following a national search, Dr. Costa was promoted to Chairman of the Department of Environmental Medicine in 1993, at which time he also assumed the role of Center Director.  In 1995, 2000 and 2006, he successfully led the competition for renewal of the NYU/NIEHS Center. The Director shapes both the strategic vision and the scientific mission of the Center to accomplish its goals. The Director also has the responsibility of ensuring that the Center's resources are utilized appropriately, and that the mission and directions of the Center are flexible enough to respond to new research opportunities and environmental health challenges. As the Director, Dr. Costa is ultimately responsible for final decisions related to Center goals, activities and budgets, including Pilot Project funding, Career Development Awards, the Director's fund, and allocation of resources among the various Facility Cores, as appropriate to the Center's mission. However, effective leadership requires that members have a voice in the process; thus, decisions are made in consultation with the membership at large and with input from the Internal Advisory Committee, as well as the External Advisory Committee. Dr. Costa chairs bi-monthly Center meetings, as well as the IAC meetings. He convenes an annual meeting of the EAC and represents the Center at the annual NIEHS Center Directors meetings. Dr. Costa has a strong commitment to the field of environmental health and toxicology and has been active in this area for over 30 years.



Deputy Director Terry Gordon


Dr. Gordon holds the rank of Professor of Environmental Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine.  He has a Ph.D. degree in toxicology from MIT, was a postdoctoral Fellow at the Cardiovascular Research Institute at UC, San Francisco, and was appointed to the faculty of the Department of Environmental Medicine in 1989.  Dr. Gordon is the Director of the Department's T32 Training Grant in Environmental Health (funded by NIEHS) and serves as Co-Leader of the Susceptibility to Disease Focus Group, which integrates researchers across diverse fields such as epidemiology, inhalation toxicology, cancer, and immunology. As the Center's Deputy Director, Dr. Gordon assists Dr. Costa in final decisions related to Center goals, activities and budgets, particularly in Pilot Project funding and the allocation of resources among the various Facility Cores.  In the absence of Dr. Costa, Dr. Gordon works closely with members of the Administrative Core to run the Center operations.  In addition, the Deputy Director oversees the Facility Cores, both in terms of finances and efficiency of operation.  Dr. Gordon has served as the Deputy Director of the NYU Center for the past 10 years and has assisted Dr. Costa in the preparation of the last 2 successful competitive Center renewals.



Administrative Core



Figure 1.  Structure of the NYU NIEHS Center.



Figure 1 shows the structure of our Center.  Dr. Costa is the NIEHS Center Director and his qualifications, as well as that of the Deputy Director, are found in Section C of this grant application. The Center has an Administrative Manager and a Business Manager as shown in the structure diagram.  The Center leadership solicits advice from the Internal and External Advisory Committees. The Center also has a Community Outreach and Education Core (COEC) and a Pilot Project Program directed by Drs. J. Zelikoff and Moon-shong (Eric) Tang, respectively.


Figure 2. Composition of the Internal and External
Advisory Committees.




Figure 2 shows the composition of the Internal and External Advisory Committees.  It includes all of the leaders of the Focus Groups, Facility Cores, Community Outreach Core and Pilot Project Program, as well as the Administrative Manager and Business Manager. Dr. Costa reports directly to the Dean and CEO of the NYU Langone Medical Center.